If Wizkid’s Monster Hit Is “Ojuelegba”, Davido’s Own Is “Fall”, Then Which Song Is Olamide’s Monster Hit?




Nothing makes an artistes more fulfilled than having a monster hit(s) before his/her career ends.

It’s necessary you know there is a wide difference between Hit song and a Monster hit song. However no generally accepted difference yet, but as a music editor that I am I will state one out.

A lot of artiste have a hit song, but a monster hit is said to be that astiste hit song that cut across a lot of achievements that the artiste never expected in a long time.

For Example, Ojuelegba is Wizkid‘s monster hit song because, it was Ojuelegba that strengthens Wizkid International recognition.

Wizzy has alot of hit songs but Ojuelegba did the International recognition magic for him.

By now I believe you should be able to form a criteria of differentiating Hit songs from Monster Hits in your mind. If Yes then we are good to go…

So we accept that Ojuelegba can be said to be Wizkid‘s Major monster hit single and “Fall” to be that for Davido. Hence, Fall has given Davidolots of record settings and breaking across Africa and the world at large.

If realization of Monster Hits for these two in-despicable acts is so easy, why is it so hard to decide which Olamide‘s hit song is going to be his Monster hit?

Is it that Olamide has too much of hit single to decide from, or he has no good song yet that can make a monster hit yet?

Well I believe some of us might be able to tell us which of Olamide‘s hit single can make a monster hit and why you select that particular song.

So Guys


If Wizkid’s Monster Hit Is “Ojuelegba”, Davido’s Own Is “Fall”, Then Which One Is Olamide’s Monster Hit?

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