Uwheru Again, How It All Happened at Uwheru, Delta State.




Illustrations from the photo.

There a fight outbreak on Sunday at 10pm which involve some groups of guys and a lady.

The guy in blue, had a fight with the elder sister of the guy on trousers. His Elder sister called him and inform him of the fight which was going on at egbu, Uwheru Delta state.

On him reaching there to ask what the matter was, he got no reply from them and these guys were armed with cutlass, dagger 🗡 and so on. The next thing that took place was that he was bounced upon by the guy on blue and his gangs about two.

He was stabbed in a way that before he could be taken to the clinic he has given up.. i.e the guy on trouser.

After he had been killed, the guy on blue took to his heels and ran through a track of which he was followed by the youths of the community which caught him and brought him down, he was also butchered to death at 11:25pm.

At the time of this report their corpse i.e The one on trouser and the one on blue are not yet buried till the other two involved in the mission are being caught.

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